We create artisanal products with the intention of showing the history that comes attached to them. With all of our pieces we represent this beliefs by referencing ancient deities and flows of energy through creative manual techniques that pass from one generation to the next hoping to preserve their histories and beliefs.

Our first collection, CULTURAL, we want to show how to go beyond what they already have and give them a little of the elegance, class and strength that characterizes Colombian women. Everyone who wears our bathing suits is wearing a unique piece that makes them authentic, reflecting a history of strength and connection to the earth and the EMBERA CHAMI community. 

We want these empowered women to influence everyone around them and begin to knit a story with eLina Swimwear.






Marly del Socorro, Rosa and Maria Susana, are part of the eLina Swimwear family, a group of working women and men who were forced to leave their lands due to violence, now dedicate their lives to crafts. Through these traditions are preserved, their roots are reflected and it is intended to return to their origins.

 These beaded fabrics are full of colors and shapes that tell stories, beliefs and traditions of an ancient culture. The connection with the land, nature and life is the reflection of purity and the legacy of its culture.

 This CULTURAL collection is the beginning of a great project full of relationships, learning and teachings that aims to show the world the history of this and other cultures in Colombia that have not been valued.

 EMBERA CHAMI, People of the mountain ranges.

Colombian indigenous culture whose worldview is based on the balance of 3 worlds through nature and human connections with the gods. The mountains and rivers allow the union of the worlds, above, the earth and below represent the gods, wisdom, ancestors and humans.


10 products

10 products